Urban and Rustic Leases

At the legal service of the Chamber of Urban Property we specialise in the field of rent in which we have over 25 years’ experience.

To be precise we provide a complete service of legal rental advice, namely:

  • Bringing an action:
    • Eviction for failing to pay the rent, consumption and taxes associated with the rent.
    • Claiming unpaid rental amounts or neighbours’ association fees.
    • Owing to termination of the agreement, for family reasons, transfer, sub-lease, and other reasons contemplated in the Law on Urban Leasing.
    • Works. Provided that they are connected with the renting of buildings.
  • Drawing up of rental agreements.
  • Rental of housing and for uses other than housing.
  • Rental of rural property.
  • Old rental agreements. Updating and revising rent.
  • Paying deposits.