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Faced with the challenge of obtaining nowadays the best possible profitability from renting any type of building: tenants in arrears, damage to the building, deterioration and removal of the fittings, outstanding receipts, unjustified invoices and payments of monthly instalments that remain pending when the tenant leaves the property; and with the inevitable inconveniences of coexistence in a neighbours’ association, the more and more frequent tax abuses of the Administration and the Town Councils; or with the doubts and problems that arise when purchasing a property, the Chamber of Urban Property offers you a LEGAL SERVICE specialising one hundred per cent in all kinds of legal, judicial, and tax matters related to the world of property.

You will not find a better offer. A single fee for 365 days from when you register, without an inscription charge, all the enquiries you may need directly at our offices, always with the same professional who will follow up your case perfectly, and at special prices for subscribers if legal action should be necessary.

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